Tuesday, January 24, 2017


The poet's vanity is what dies in shame before them.
The speaker wants their life to not be complex, to just have it be simple.
They want their life to not be complex, so they hold off on their adornment. The next step is to isolate themselves from specific groups of people. 


Monday, January 9, 2017

How I harnessed the Wind

This first Ted Talk, How I Harnessed the Wind, was bout a 14 yr old boy who at the time was living in famine and poverty. He built a windmill to power his family's home. He is now 22 and speaks at the Ted Talks, about what he has been doing and accomplished.

He is trying to accomplish his goal of improving the lives of people who can't afford it and inspire what can be if you truly put your mind to it. He also wants to share how he did it so others can be like him and duplicate his success.

This clip shows how creative people with nothing can be. When you have nothing you really do have to improvise from traditional survival techniques to better your life or meet the bare minimum

Monday, December 5, 2016

12/5 Blog

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1) The speaker passes by grain fields, a school, and the setting sun. 
2)I thought that the house was a coffin, and that it came from the ground waiting for the speaker. I determined my two claims from the 16th line that said, "there was a mound of cornice. I also believed that the roof was the top of the coffin and was hard to see because of all the snow covering it which was said in the poem. The last thing that described the house for me was the line that said the roof was scarcely visible which seemed as if the house was slowly withering away. 
3) To me this house would be described as filthy and unkept. I know this because of the line in the poem which states, "the roof was scarcely visible." 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

poem tree

He says that autumn alone with the half naked trees can be found in him. He also says that he can see the twighlight in him, that he is approaching complete darkness(death). He also says you can see a fire in him, resembling his determination.
These last two lines are important to the poem because they are very different then the rest of the poem. The poem concludes with the speaker saying that since he is dying really soon so his love should be shared with someone while he is there.
If I had to put line breaks in the poem I would put them after sang and rest. I would put them here strategically because at this point in the poem the rhyme changes its end rhyme.
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Monday, November 21, 2016


The Poem that Ms. VanDop made us blog about the poem Ozymandias which describes the Ozymandias statue which is a statue of a king in Ancient Egypt. The line that reads," the heart that fed" is describing truly how difficult the ancient Egyptians worked to build the statue and all the vigorous emotions that they put into creating/sculpting the statue which was reflected in their hard work.
The poem describes as well as discusses the visual appearance of the statue when it was first created i.e how the statue use to thrive and is now destroyed and literally a laying pile of ruins. The deeper meaning of this poem was clearly, the older you get you slowly just start to drift away and end up the exact same way you started, nothing.
The poem states that the Ozymandias statue is a hidden gem in the sand dooms of Egypt, as well as how huge it was and how they carved every inch of stone to make it truly a site to behold. The poem also describes the statue how it is today, withered away and slowly resorting back to it's original state, nothing.

Monday, November 14, 2016

College vs. Social Media

Image result for college recruiter and social media I think that schools should check people's social media account. Jobs do, the military does, why not college recruiters too? College is supposed to prepare us for real life, so I agree that colleges should be able to see your social media and decide if you should be eligible on what it says. I believe that characters let other people decide their own character, people want to be apart of something. Students these days will literally be anybody or any persona as long as they fit in somewhere. You could be good at sports but hang out with kids in quiz bowl kids naturally but instead you are forced to sit with people who only talk about sports when you really want to talk about multiple choice questions. I have no social media so there is nothing that it is out there that could affect me because there is nothing out there. One thing the school does that prepares us for the real world is leaving our success up to us. That is how it is in the real world. One thing that the school does that does not prepare us for the real world is not allowing us to access any of our social media on school laptops and devices, things posted in school aren't always the best.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Cherry Tree

Image result for cherry tree in snow   
I believe that the author is describing the cherry tree during the winter. The reason I know this is simply due to the last line of the poem. The last line of the poem says, "To see the cherry hung with snow". This clearly tells us that the cherry was during the winter, because it does not snow during the summer, spring, or fall. The text also says, "Wearing white". Again stating that the tree had snow on it during the winter months.  Our author does not know if he will even make it to spring to see his favorite tree, because he is so old (seventy years) he decides that he should go visit the tree because he might not be alive to see it in the spring. The author is obviously an old man who is trying to spend his last few months/years reminiscing and visiting things he has grown to love over the years. The text that supports my claim is, " Fifty Springs are little room, about the woodlands I will go". This clearly shows that the woodlands and trees there were one of the things he had grown to love on Earth.